Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

After finishing the page from hell (and, let’s be real. It wasn’t that the page content, or the fact that it was “hard” to draw. My brain just would keep shutting down on it if I worked for more than 2 minutes on it), I’m feeling like I can keep moving forward with pages again. We’re going to move Saturday updates to Monday updates (not so I can cleverly use the #morningashesmonday or some bullshit like that, noooooo) as I usually finish the page on Friday, and I want to give my patrons on Patreon a few days to soak in the early access goodness.

Anyway, I’m feeling good. I’ve done a lot of planning, my writing doesn’t feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants anymore–I just feel a lot more…grounded in where I am. Naturally this comes at a time when I’m going back into teaching, so who knows what will be thrown at me during the school year, but I’ve gotten myself into a decent routine with pages that I feel like I can keep it going. And if there has to be a week here and there where there’s no update, then just mosey on over to my Patreon where you can read ahead as I post sketches and scripts at least 3 pages in advance 😉

I also want to take this moment to thank those who have stuck with me and this story the past year, especially those who were around during the first go-around at it when I tried to tell the story storyboard-style. I know it was a weird way to tell it, which is why I did a complete reboot, but I also know it may have been frustrating to hear I was starting from scratch. Thankfully with this iteration, I can tell the story more faithfully to the events rather than try to make a mismatch of events work for the sake of following that style. I promise telling the story this way won’t let you down!

I especially want to thank my fellow DnD players and amazing GM for not only allowing me to tell our story, but putting up with how much I’ve invested into this as result of starting this project (there may or may not have been a few times where I’ve told them they better not let their character die. But it’s okay, I usually get a fair amount of sass back.) It’s one thing to play the game, but as I’ve put more work into telling this story and preparing it, I’ve gotten quite a bit attached to it and its characters than any other DnD game I’ve played or been a part of. I think I know what authors mean when they call their work their “baby”, and I’m technically just a co-parent!

There is so much in the Wanderers’ story that I’m excited to tell, and I hope in their struggles and victories you find a little bit of home like I have. While most of the story is told through the eyes of my character, Pyre, each member of this party has their own story to explore. I will certainly do my best to tell them.