Three qualities can be used to describe Eddy: Naive, happy, and a lover of subtle pranks. Setting off from his homeland of the Shattered Coast, he hopes to follow his older sisters' footsteps and make an adventure for himself. Where that may lead, he is sure would be fun and exciting!


Tavern owner of the Burnished Hoof Inn


Malakos makes the most of what he’s got given his particular situation, always having a little bit of fun in the process. Most of this “new” world is a fascinating mystery to him, and he is intent on figuring things out one by one to satiate his own innate curiosity, which often leads him into trouble. He very much enjoys the company of those around him regardless of their feelings towards him. Malakos is an open book when prompted, more than likely because he doesn’t really remember much about himself to begin with. Flashbacks happen from time to time; he seems to have come from a time prior to the Cataclysm, however that may be. Oh well, just means there’s more to explore!


Is she a solider, a bounty hunter, or something else? Very little can be ascertained from Pyre’s detached and aloof demeanor, and she has no intention of letting anyone past the walls she puts up. Questions about herself will be met with silence or a glare that promises very certain death. However, in combat her cold disposition will morph into something more feral as the battle draws out, and a thirst for blood will manifest. This may overrule rational behavior, as she has been noted killing unconscious or defenseless enemies unnecessarily.


A dark figure, always on the edge of anger. He seems to have a curious moral code…on the one hand, killing and torture are fine in most circumstances, but stealing he seems to have a problem with. He runs head long into most battles, and he has the scars to match the mad method. He’s actually surprised that he’s lived this long.

Silver Fox

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