About Me

Hey there! I am the illustrator/”writer” of Morning Ashes! I say “writer” as the story is based on our DnD campaign, so while I try to make our story as cohesive as possible and tweak it for flow, I certainly cannot take ALL credit as the person writing the whole story! Our DM and other players certainly help make it the awesome story it has ended up becoming. In our campaign I play the perpetually angsty gremlin Pyre, who originally started as an inside joke to see how I could build the edgiest character possible. But, over time, she ended up becoming incredibly layered and complex and much more fun to play than I thought she would (I really didn’t think she would last this long….). The story, however, has become equally layered, complex, and so interesting that I’ve felt compelled to share it with the world!

Outside of working on Morning Ashes, I do quite a bit of freelance work for various projects. I consider myself am an avid rock climber, mountain hiker, and an advocate for environmental sustainability. I’m also quietly continuing my humble plan of world domination from when I was 10 years old. Putting hours upon hours into CivVI only mildly satiates this desire.



Tools of the trade?
Besides blood, sweat, and a lot of tears, I use my trusty Wacom Cintiq (not sure the model, I’ve had it for about 10 years now) for all comic and illustration work. As far as programs go, I use a mix of Clip Studio Paint for most of the work, Photoshop for touch ups if necessary, and Sketchup for environmental modeling.


Where is the comic taking place relative to the campaign?

Straight from the beginning, baby. No, really. Thank the player of Eddy for taking such good notes to make this possible. As mentioned earlier, however, the comic will stay as faithful as possible to the original story. Some minor events may be changed or completely omitted to make the story flow more nicely. I don’t have the dialogue exactly memorized (nor do we have it written down), so some of that may be different than what actually happened, but the essence is the same.


Will you be printing/selling physical copies of the comic?
Maybe? Probably? Man, wouldn’t that be nice? If I did, I would be selling them one “chapter” at a time. Right now I’m predicting each chapter to be the length of a comic issue (~30 pgs). I’m more focused on telling a solid story than page logistics, at least for now! I definitely would like to revisit the idea once I get through page 30 of this first chapter 🙂

As far as merchandise, however, I do sell a couple prints relating to the series at convention artist alleys/vendor halls I participate in!


I follow you on [insert social media platform here]. Why does some of your art have the characters look different? Wait–is that a spoiler??!!
Yeaaaahhh…..I do apolgize. I’m such a terrible story teller/artist that LOVES the characters and story SO MUCH that I can’t help drawing character appearances/events that take place presently in the campaign as they happen! It’s honestly my way of coping with some of the events hahaha…haha…ha. I try to keep it general enough that it doesn’t affect the webcomic too much, but sometimes when Spotify puts out that one song from shuffle…you just…can’t…help yourself!